Civil society co-operation for Turkey-Armenia relations

by Serhan Ada (Turkey/Thematic Session)

This session addresses three connected clusters of questions, requiring deepened cultural policy research for the decade to come: Firstly, the notions of cultural diplomacy and cultural cooperation will be reassessed critically. While cultural diplomacy refers to the sovereign nation-state, a ‘multi-log’ of cultural cooperation processes across fields, disciplines, countries and regions is increasingly co-shaping cultural ecosystems.

Secondly, pertinent case studies from regions with polarized and polarizing experiences (Middle East, Balkans, Turkey) will be used as benchmark to ground and specify these research questions. Thirdly, in the interest to develop a longitudinal capacity for both comparative cultural policy research and cultural policy development, the cultural indicator suite on “least connected countries” will be re-visited.

Beside Serhan Ada this thematic session will be presented and discussed with Christine M. Merkel, Nadia von Maltzahn, Nina Obuljen Korzinek.