The golden thread through ICCPR2014

Welcome to the ICCPR2014: Two days fully packed with panel and paper sessions about your cultural policy research! In addition to these sessions, three semi-plenary sessions hosted by the University of Hildesheim will explore and debate the meaning, function and impact of cultural policies. The semi-plenary sessions – its keynote speakers and international guest discussants – will approach the subjects:

  1. Cultural Policy and Processes of Transformation
  2. In the session the question will be how to build frameworks to support the arts, so that arts can contribute to development processes of society. The link between cultural policy and processes of transformation is related to a specific understanding of cultural policy on the one hand and the question of infrastructure which is needed on the other hand.

  3. Cultural Policy and Arts Education
  4. This semi plenary session wants to focus on patterns of legitimising arts education in different countries. In Germany, there is a vivid and controversial debate whether or not the belief in the autonomy of the arts is an out-dated way of thinking and not consensual on an international level. In consequence, that would mean that in Germany, we have to overcome the debates about the “danger” of utilitarian perspectives on arts education and discuss if it is right to use the arts for economic purposes.

  5. Cultural Policy and Participation
  6. This session discusses research results on collaborative strategies between cultural policy and arts management with the goal to enforce participation of a wide population in the arts sector and in cultural life of a society in general. Generally the question is how in heterogeneous societies participative processes can be designed for example in urban development and how community communication can be moderated.


Let’s explore, discuss and promote together the cultural policies, their meanings, roles and impact in an interdisciplinary and international environment. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hildesheim! Only 152 days left!